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Well people that I want dead and fans here is Chapter 31 of Bloody Monday 2….

Download BM2 Ch31

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SWEET! Thanks for the release..

Thnx for the new Bloody Monday

Thx!! Love yall~

Thanks for the new Bloody Monday chapter. Always look forward to this series.

Thanks bro

People that you want dead……. and fans….. they’re not mutually exclusive are they. 😛 Thanks for the release!

So..these ppl you want dead and the fans.. like what’s the ratio we talking about here..Here is a hearty thanks for the release so I don’t have to worry about any death wishes upon my person..^_^

Thanks for the chapter…

Thanks!!! BUDDY.

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks for the release and keep going with your great work.


Thank you very much!!


Thanks 😀 I hope you continue posting BM here even though all this drama with manga and publishers is going on. Keep up the good work man :).

Meh. We’re not fazed by the drama. ‘Catch us if you can~!’ 😛

But…we’ve always been in support of legal purchases. So if BM is ever licensed in English, I’d like to think that the many fans will purchase it.

hey can i ask a question??? how many chapters is bloody monday 2??? thanks! and thank you for the release!

Latest official release was ch 36. (Yes…we are aware that we’re behind)

Thanks for BM love the Manga. Keep up the good work. One question in which Vol. are we know? I’m guessing 3 but not sure.