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Well leechers and fans here is the next chapter in the Tegami Bachi series…

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Big up yuhself~!

Thanks for the chapter!

thank youuu! 😀

Thank you guys!

OMGZ!Thank YOU! I’ve been waiting for this!

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Thanks for the new chapter :>!

wau! I’ve been waitinh for this chapter! ah, by the way, when will Ultimo 16 be released?

Thanks a lot for the chapter!

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W000T!!!! lol i saw this post and decided to start reading the manga last night around 2:30 am and had to stop @ 6am, woke up @ 3pm watched tv and read from 4pm to now and just finished catching up :D…-.- the chapters have hella pages. anyways thx 4 the release, im going to check out the other mangas you guys are pushing out XD

haha…glad you picked it up. XD The pages are many because it’s a monthly series. ^_^

@kazandra. No trans for Ultimo 16 yet


Thanks for the new chapter!

Just a quick question- are you guys completely current w/ the releases in Japan or are you in the process of catching up w/ them?

Thank you very much!!

ruevaz, chapter 43 was released on the 4th of Aug in Japan. So we’re one chapter behind. 42 will be worked on now that 41 is out.

Love! The scans always look so pretty and clean… Thanks for all your hard work you guys <3

I will get right to reading this once it downloads.

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Thank you so much for all your hard work!!
I just love this series so thanks for sharing.

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