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Well Here is Shin Prince of Tennis Ch 33

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thanks guys! really appreciate the work you guys do in scanning this manga for us ^^

Thnx for the new spot. It goes great with my neato stripe.

WOW! Thank you very much!! =)

Whee! Another installment!

<– hops off to read

<– pops back up.


Thank you so much for this :)
This chapter is WAY AWESOME! XD

YAY!!!! I love PoT!!!!!
Thank you very much for the release, for the hard work and for sharing!!!! XDD

*sending message from the airport*

*insert foreign accent*

Oh…MD-dahling. Thank you ever so much.

Thank you so much for the chap Sai <33

The last page before the credits made me go wtf XD

wow, thanks for this chapter … You’re awesome :)

Merci beaucoup. J’aime votre travail.

Thanks for The Hard work… im just upset that i had to wait two months for 13 pages and 2 Points…since no one else will point that out.

It wasn’t two months. The manga is released monthly and the last two chapters were in July…this is August Muk Man, so it means two chapters in August. One is out so just wait on 34.

Great chapter!! When will the next be out? I’m so eager to see what’ll happen next.

man, all the episode was great and cant wait for the next episode to release. im craving for this when season 1. love all sports anime