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Well here are chapters 33 and 34, for those who were impatient can go to hell, the others can enjoy…

Download BM2 Ch 33

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Download Bm2 Ch 34

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Thanks for the new BM.

thank you for your great work

Thank you very much for 2 more great chapters. You’re efforts are always appreciated. :)

Thank you very much for the release…

Thnx for the new Bloody Monday chapters.

Thanks for the chapters guys and please don’t get 2 bothered over those people who were pestering you, just know other do appreciated the hard work you guys do. Thanks ^_^

Thanks a lot for the cool release!

thanks for your hard work guys, i know how that can be if there’s ppl pestering us and dont give any support to us.

Keep it going!

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thanks a lot guys~

man it’s already chapter 34 D:

I think BM fans are the best. They hardly complain about releases.

*gives the fans cookies* <3

Can we be impatient about new releases, still support you and still enjoy? THANKS A BUNCH FOR TEH DOUBLE-RELEASE!!! I read one of the two chapters in Japan in the magazine without understanding a word. Thank gods you guys exist…~

Thanks so much -jumps for joy-. 2 new chapters too yay! -gives you a cookie- yeah… ill go calm down now lol.

I like that peoples is haaaaappy ^_^