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Here is Ch 37 of BM2

An Announcement will follow later tonight, I think…

Download BM2 Ch37

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13 Responses to “Bloody Monday 2 Ch 37”

hopefully your announcement is good news, anyways thanks for the release!

Thank you. You guys are awesome!

Thank you very much for the new release!!

Thanks guys for the release, greatly appreciated

Thanks for the new chapter, it was awesome!and i agree with dacak hopefully its good news.

Thank you guys so much!
And I also hope it’s not anything particularily bad…

Thanks bro

Thanks for the release

Keep up the good work

Wonderful release! Hope the announcement isn’t anything negative… /prays for NOT-Impending Doom.

Thnx for the new Bloody Monday.

thank you for the chapter

i have a feeling bloody monday has been cancelled and we are seeing an unplanned wrap up of the last few chapters of it. either that, or what just happened in this chapter makes no sense. a super surprise turn around? not impressed with the 2nd season so far (but many thanks to JAC for scanning anyway).

It’s not cancelled. Still going strong and rankings show that it’s not doing too badly either.