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Well people and bastards I hate here is chapter 16 of Ao No Exorcist… If ya want more chapters of it I suggest ya apply to join the JAC…

SPot Will be out later tonight and TB 43 later this week…

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Yay! I knew pestering you constantly to release would pay off! <3

Enjoy, everyone! ^^

Thanks very much for the chapter– I really appreciate the work you put into this series!

Thank you very much for this release.


Thanks for the release, Look forward to more of your releases ^_^

It’ll be my honour to read your release!

Thanks for the release!

thanks for the release!! =D

thanks man…

Thank you for the release

Thank you! :)

I always enjoy reading Ao No Exorcist, thank you very much for this wonderful manga and I hope some loyal fan will join you guy so it won’t be so much of a strain for you to get it to us!

I’d help if I could, really! ^_-~

Thanks, I always enjoy reading new chapters of Ao no Futsumashi, and because of this you’ve got my big thanks:)

Thanks for the chapter

Thanx a lot for the chapter!

Been a long time since I read AnE, a bit curious now. Thx for keeping this series

@Queenofmuffins. You and everyone else can thank LightKage for the awesome colour page redraw. ^^

Thanks a bunch! I really enjoy this series!

Yippee XD and the redraws are awesome and muffins we love ane too much ta not release quick as can (well me anyways)

Thanks all of you guys for the scans and thanks to muffins for do the translation

Thanks for your hard work!

I really enjoy AnE, thanks for the chapter!!!!!!!!!

Many, many thanks for the release. I do adore you for it. And I love Exorcist

thanks!!!!!!!!you are really as fast as light…!!!

Thnx for the new Ao No Exorcist.

thanks thanks thanks!!!

Thank you so much!! c: GLEEE~~ You made my week!

Thanks for the new chapter!!

Thank you so much!

I love you <3

thank you for the chapter!

Why do you say “if you want more chapters, apply to join JAC”? Are there not enough people to continue making releases? D: Please tell me we’ll see more of your wonderful work!

i love you guys.. thanks for continuing to scan this awesome manga..