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Here is ch 37 of Shin Prince of Tennis, remember there will only be one chapter this month…

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san kyuu


I want to thank you guys for editing raw scans and sharing them.

Good work

Why did you guys leave the techniques untranslated this time? iirc this would be the first time you’ve done it and for no apparent reason (unless you got a new translator that just isn’t up to par since every other group at least translates techniques such as these in mangas with T/N notes at the very least). Left me highly disappointed and confused on page 9(?) because they say “Ten’imuho” like it’s something someone else has but I have no fucking idea what it is since it’s the first time it’s been left untranslated.

Johnson, it’s the same translator. You could ask nicely about it instead of bitching that much. The translation is here: http://translations.shamannet.com/?p=360#more-360

Why don’t you be a sweet guy and ask our awesome translator who never had to take the time to do this, if he could assist you. Although with an attitude like that, if I were him I’d tell you to bugger off and learn Japanese yourself.

left it untranslated because it’s a repeat technique that was used at the end of the original series. Given that this series is a direct continuation from the previous, it isn’t out of the ordinary that most people who have been following this series would know that Ten’imuhou no Kiwami is Pinnacle of Perfection.

Thnx for the new Spot.

thanks a lot

sad to see a certain someone’s not gonna appear for a while
i can see the fangirls cry already >_>

Thank you! Sad that Tezuka’s leaving…can’t wait though for D1 and especially Atobe’s S1 match (if it gets to S1 that is). Hopefully Konomi will start writing more/longer chapters…anyway, thanks so much and keep up the awesome work!

Thanks for the chapterrrr!!!

Thanks again for a splendid job guys! I’ve been studying all freaking day today! I was done just now, hit your website to check for updates. And what do I see? SPOT ch 37! I’m not in a bad mood anymore. Your work is ALWAYS appreciated!

Thanks again!

Best regards


Are the JAC forums closed? o_o I can no longer access it. Baww.