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Here Chapter 38 of Bloody Monday 2… Special thanks to Shin for helping out…

We Still need cleaners for BM so please apply on the forum, jut make a thread with photo-shop experience and timezone and when you are available…

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Thanks for the new chapter. Can’t believe they fell for such an obvious trick, though. I was suspecting that before it was even confirmed.

Thnx for the new Bloody Monday.

Thanks guys

Thank you very much for the chapter…

Thankyou very much for the release!

i really like this series

thanks for scanlating it .

i mostly read it on mangafox.

but last 5 chapters i have downloaded from here .

i think you should make a rule of showing your scans after 12 hours by any online manga site .

that way people will come to know about your group .

thanks again also i am a beginner cleaner like to join you and participate in bloody monday scanning

if like reply back

Well, we always have our credits page at the end of each release so if people really wanted to know who did the work, they only need to ‘not ignore it’. Either way, whether its 12 hours later or 48 hours later, there’ll still be folks who ignore the credits because they’re not interested in knowing the group. They are the leechers who we kindly tell to go to hell.

Thanks for expressing an interest in joining jack. Please refer to our recruitment post on how to apply: http://jacgroup.zetsuboushita.net/?p=1225

big thanks again for the new chapter~

THANK YOU *A* Thanks for yet another awesome scanlation!

Thank you very much for the new release!!

Thanks for the new chapter :)

Om. Nom. Nom.

((Thank you. So. So. Much.))