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Well ladies and bastards here is another chapter of Bloody Monday 2…

Special thanks to Unok-Kun from Shinra Tensei for helping to clean this chapter….

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15 Responses to “Bloody Monday 2 Ch 41”

:O yay :) Thanks for another chapter :)


Holyshit, keep this up!
You guys were always my best scanlation group!
This is the reason why. WOOOOT!!!!

2 chaps at once O_o
(i can say it this time ;D)

awesome job

ps. the BM section in the forum is dead for quite a while already so i wondered if you could start a new discussion…..or should i? D:

Thank you very much!!

Two chapters at once….awesome guys…

yeah start one if you want..

Yay for sort-of-double-update! Thank you guys so much for these high-quality-scanlations again!

Thnx for the new chapter of Bloody Monday.

Thx for the new chapter
I can’t wait to see another one^^

thank you very much for the chap, and also for the kure-nai, cant wait to next 😀 gj guys

Yay~ somebody remembered Kurenai! Kurenai rocks ononymos! ^_^

I was wondering what happened to chapter 42?
Chapters 43&44 are out… but chapter 42 is missing? Was it just forgotten ot something like that?

well thats because those arent supposed to be released yet, and 42 should be out sometime tomorrow….

What we ‘officially’ release is posted on the site Aenicy. So although 43 and 44 are complete, we can’t release them without 42 right?