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Well ladies, gentlemen, trolls and hags…

We are proud to present the 24th Chapter of Ao No Exorcist… Thanks to everyone who worked on it and such… Now please enjoy this chapter since their might not be another chapter till June since this month issue of SQJ was a double issue April and May…

Also please watch the Anime…

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whoa, lucky i checked this before i left for school. thanks for the workβ™₯β™₯

Thank you~! Been looking forward to this. ^_^

Yee, a reward for all the hard work I did today. Thanks mate xx


Yaaazzaaaa go team! ^_^

oh yeah~ you guys are absolutely the best!

*bows down*kisses the staff’s feet*

Thank you guys so much. <333


Yay! Thank you!

WOAH!!!!! Thanks for the new release!!!!

Thank you! This made the start of exams much more bearable.

But, I am confused about something. I heard this was a double-release issue. Wasn’t there a Ch. 25 in the issue as well?

thanks a lot !
also, I watch the anime, it’s SO well made ! and I love both the opening and the ending ~

Thank you so much, that’s amazing <3

Thank you so much for the new chapter!

Thank you so much!!! I’ve been waiting it for so long~ =D

Oh man. You guys are awesome. Been craving a new chapter since the anime started. <3

Thanks!!! <3

NinjAngel sorry sadly it’s only the one chapter in this issue πŸ˜›

That was supposed to be a negative smily >:P

Ninjangel, no it just means that this issue count as two…

Thnx for the new chapter.

Thanks so much~! <3<3 Your hard work is very much appreciated!!!

And I'm adoring the anime. Very much exceeding my (already high) expectations.

Thanks very much for your hard work:)

@BexXx, Mister Death

Ah, sorry for my misunderstanding, then. I must have heard wrong. Thanks for the clarification!

Thanks so much!!

Thanks for the chapter

Yosh! Perfect~ Thank you very much :3

Thank you so much for the release. Just curious, but what volume does this chapter come under?

Thank you staff and how has queen of muffins been doin? yyou here for her lately. well thanks for the new chapter

Thank you

Thank you again for the release!! This is great~! 8D

thank you for the release .

THX SO~~~~~~ MUCH!!!!

Thanks everyone who worked on this, now i’ll enjoy the release. πŸ˜€

@M.G. Thanks for the concern. Muffins is in Malaysia right now and doing fine. πŸ˜€ Spoke to her 2 weeks ago.

Wooh! Thanks for the release! Really appreciate all your work!

love this series! thanks a bunch for scanlating them, much appreciated <3 keep up the awesomesaucy work!

Thanks for the releases! Looking forward to the next chapter, and keep up the great work!

Thank you so much for this project! I just started reading the manga and I don’t think I’ll sleep until I’m caught up!

Did somebody have a good link for the anime whith english
subtitles as soon as possible. And I’m french so sorry for
my bad … writing ?

Thank you!

Thank you very much for all your hard work! ^_^

Thank you! πŸ˜€

guys can u tell me
when the next
chapter will
be Published??


Because I didn’t find any other way to ask, I would like to ask the owner of the translations to give me, and my friend permission to use their translations, because we would like to translate ‘Ao no Exorcist’ to hungarian.
Of course we will credit, and as soons as we will be ready with the first chapter we will show our website, and the proof that we credit.
Thank you so much!

SnE team