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Well here is Chapter 26 of Ao No Exorcist…. Ya would have got it last week but ya had the misfortune of having A Dance With Dragons book and the Harry Potter 7 Part 2 movie coming out last week, which occupied most of my time… Also Please read the A Game of Throne series…

Download ANE CH26


Concerning Kurenai , and Tegami Bachi we are just wating on trans…..

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Thanks for the chapter

Thank you :)

Thanks for the release

thank u for the release. i hav a question, hav u guys dropped kure-nai?

Thanks a lot.

thanks so much for this 😀

I can’t wait to read it, so I only say that thanks very much for your hard work:)

Thank you!

You guys are awesome, thanks!!!

Waaah! Thank you guys! Ao is really a great manga! Now with the anime, probably he’ll become even more popular! Have a nice weekend!

Noooooooooo! We’ll never drop Kurenai. Not while I’m alive and even if I’m not, JAC would still do it. Right MD? Right? You’ll still do it right?

No comment on that Ivory….

thanks for your hard work =)

Mister Death! >.<

Missed you guys. <3 Thanks for another chapter!

Thanks for your hard work on this chapter!

And I totally understand putting A Dance with Dragons over work on scanlation…We finally just bought it yesterday, I’m going to steal…erm, borrow it from my dad as soon as possible.

I love that series! I thought the HBO movie series was well done as well. Anyway, thank you for the release!!

thanks for all your hardwork JAC!!! another amazing chapter!!!are you going to scan the kuro and demon train short???just wondering please don’t get mad!!!!

Lol. Oh boy, are we considered short tempered? I dunno Candy. If its translated then we’ll do it I’m sure. :)

Thank you!

Thank you so much!

A Dance with Dragons is so worht putting off the translation for a bit~

Yay Thank you so mcuh for this Xd

Hoping see the next chapters soon & some Tegami bachi update too ^^

thanks so much for the release x

Thanks for another release!

thanks Ivory!!!i think sally said she was going to work on the phantom train trans but the kuro’s lost one is already done. no rush just wondering if it was ever going to be done 😀

thanks for all your amazing hardwork JAC.

Thanks for the new chapter ^^

Uwaaahh those are both really excellent reasons for the holdup. I’m always super excited to see more ASoIaF fans! Besides, I’d wait for your guys’ releases no matter how long they take. You do a good job. I was really glad to hear Saladesu is going to keep translating it too (even though she quit Baku on me!).
Thanks for the release!

Thank you so much! :)

Thank you very much for the release!

Hello ,i’m looking for the responsible for the project Ao no Exorcist. If it’s you , please informe me . I wanna talk about a project destined to braziliam readers of manga Ao no Exorcist. In brazil much people don’t know english , and i’am a manga editor and translator.
What i’m planning is to use your scans and translate it to portuguese, following your pattern and giving the respective credit for mangafox.com for the scans.
This work will be done by a serious team , and posted in fan manga reader with a lot of views.
I just need a favor , if possible . I need the fonts that you use on the edition of manga Ao no Exorcist , to keep the same line of quality : ) .
I hope you enjoy this .

Actually, our releases are not available for int’l scanlations. We can give you the raw file and ask the translator for permission to give you her script. Then you can do what we did: clean it, translate it and release it.

Please PM Mister Death on our forums for further assistance.