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Well Ladies and Gents, trolls and banshees..

We are proud to present the 47th Chapter about a boy delivering letters, also known as Tegami Bachi… Now before some ingrates start asking when ANE 27 will be released, I should let ya know that it would have been released last saturday, but I had the misfortune of having to reinstall my Win 7 OS after it wouldn’t boot up… Which meant that I had to reinstall all my programs and such for cleaning and releasing scans… Now if we are lucky ya should have ANE 27 by late Saturday or Early Sunday…

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I just released it -_-….

now i realize why my brain was so dead for 6 months.

thanks for this.

THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! it’s left in such a cliff hanger!!! and is it possible to post the next chapter you’re going to translate at every release? thanks again, can’t wait for chapter 48!

You guys are totally wickedly awesome!!! ^^v

Thanks for this awesome chapter.

Keep up the great work! ^^

Yay! Thank you soooo much XD

I love you guys. Thank you so much for releasing this.


Thank you very much!!

Thank you very much guys…

So AnE is soon, huh. Thanks! (I’m not an ingrate, I’m just happy that you told us that is cooming soon, so I’ll patiently be waiting for it >w<)
Thanks for the chapter, I love your work guys X3

YES FINALLY!! Thank you! Maybe you can try to catch up now?

Thank you! Just to know, why did it take so long to translate? 46 was relased in march.

Aw hell yeah! Thanks so much, you guys!

ty :)

I wonder how this chapter is going to turn out since Hiroyuki Asada took a hiatus ^o^
Thank You~!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve missed this manga so much ;A;

thanks for putting up with me, JAC. ilu all. another awesome cleaning/editing/typesetting job.

mak – it took long to translate because of me and my personal life, nothing to do with JAC. All I can do is apologise really, no excuses.

Meh, no apology necessary Niph, we would have waited till the end of time or at least till March 24, 2023…

BLESS you for this chapter! I love your work on ANE, too, but TB is just as good, but soooo different!

Niph, I understand from your comment that you translated this chapter? Thanks so much for working it in between dealing with real life! Take care of yourself first. Thanks again!