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Here is chapter 30 of Ao No Exorcist, Special thanks to Niph for translating this Chapter for us…

Please Remember that ANE will be on break next month so please don’t start pestering next month asking for it…..

Download ANE Ch30

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so how about chapter 2 while we’re waiting ( ¬‿¬)

Thanks for the release!

May I ask….why aren’t you updated with Tegami Bachi?You are 4-6 chapters behind..

A combination of the RP being busy and the translator aswell, but we have the raws for 51 so ya should get that pretty soon…

Thank you!

There’s an empty bubble on page 9 in which Shima’s speaking…

You guys are best!

Heel yeah! But what the hell!? While its already monthly, how is that possible? We will remember nothing.

thanks again

Thank you very much.
But I have to ask too. Why Ao no Exorcist manga going to take a break?

thank you so much for the release and all your hard work.

Thank you!


Much thanks, guys! I always love your releases. :)

Thanks for the chapter

OH yesssssss!!!! thank you


Thanks JAC <3

As for the missing bubble on p9, looks like it got skipped by accident when being typeset. the translation reads "I'm sick of it! / None of that's worth risking your life!!"

To people asking.. not sure why the manga is on break in the upcoming month, there was no reason listed on the raw. On the mangaka's twitter, she just said it'll return in January, and with extra pages.

I received both this chapter and the next TB raw on the same day, but was focused on getting AoEx 30 done first. Now I'm working on TB 51 so I should be sending that off to the rest of the team soon. Thanks for your patience~


Thank you guys!
Nothing like the manga…. <3

∑(・д・lll) I didn’t even notice that when the raws came out! Darn getting sick and being unable to get on the computer.

Thanks to all the other JAC members who contributed <3

Clover thier is chapter 2 precleans in the DB…

Thanks for a great release,
BTW lets face it everyone 1 month break = “Skyrim get released tomorrow and im gonna game till it breaks!”

(sorry if i was insensitive in anyway and you guys had irl issues)

I’m amazed at how people can even say “why will it be on break”. Geez, give the mangaka a break. And if you won’t be able to remember, re-read it; it’s that simple. It’s that good of a manga, unless you disagree /shrug.

Anyway, thanks for the release!

Thanks guys! Excellent release as always ^^

Aww, too bad there won’t be ANE next month, I guess the mangaka is on xmas break huh? Kidding 😀

I noticed chapter 2. I’m just so unmotivated to clean it because Viz already released it back in April >_>


…oh wait. /stares at untranslated TB (╥﹏╥) TIME TO POWER THROUGH TRANSLATION. (no really ilu guys, working on it as fast as I can.)

Thank you!

Thanks for the new chapter! >w<
You're the best!!

Just read all 30 chapters of Ao No Exorcist in one weekend :P. Anyway, you guys are really good at the scanlations :)…


I’m reading Ao no Exorcist and really liking it: many thanks for the work you do. I can’t claim any knowledge of Japanese, or the noble art of transcription, but I will make a suggestion all the same… In the rank system of pages and paladins and knights, I’m a bit bothered by “exwire”. Could it be that the Japanese had trouble transcribing “esquire”? It would make more sense in the context. Just a thought…

@Me yes it is meant to be esquire, but this is the second time (i think) that this translator has helped us translate ANE