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Well here is Chapter 17 of ANE, Special thanks to Saladesu for translating this chapter while Queenofmuffins is in rehab for her addictions….

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Uhm, though I am incredibly thankful for the release, the speech bubbles are mismatched on pages 3, 8, 18, 22, and 35. You’re also missing page 41.

It will be fix in a bit…

Ok I fixed it, but i didnt see the errors on pgs 8 and 22, point them out…

Hey if you are still interested the ‘mistake’ (hardly one at all) is that on pg.22 Shura is saying a line that should belong to Eyebrows Girl .

Also thanks for the release, this is one of my favs, and you guys do great work.

Great! Ah, scuse me, I meant page 9 had errors (just the typesetting is a little off, everything else is good).

Oh my god, i really did it! I waited all this time without bitching.
Hell yeah and thanks J.A.C. !

Thanks for the chapter

Thanks for the release ^^

Thank you very much! I enjoy these releases a lot.

Wait, “addictions”? What addictions are you talki…

*tackled by men in white coats*

Damn those muffins! Get addicted to cookies instead!

Cookies ? you’re nuts ? Muffins are so much better !
(anyway, thanks ^^)

Thnx for the new Ao No Exorcist.

No edit feature so I’m double posting.
On page 22 in the fourth panel it seems like all of that text should belong in the top bubble while the bottom bubble is missing. It appears that some sleeping mumbling from Shura is missing completely but whatever.

Thank you ;P

holy… i seriously thought that Queenofmuffins in rehab for real… then again, muffins can be seriously addictive… ^^

on a different note, thanks for the release !!

daksjhkg THANK YOU SO MUCH. I can’t believe I managed to be this patient.

I’ll have Mister Death check it when he gets back online. Maybe he’s gone for a rehab session too – being morbid is as serious as an addiction.

Thank you for all your scanlations~!! <3 <3

yesss!!!thank you!!!


I betrayed cupcakes and had some muffin today :O Muffins ya should be proud XD

Oh and ANE YAY YAY YAY made my miserable day XD heehee

Yay finally it’s out~

Makes me feel way better after I (probably) failed my English midterm :DDDDDD

thank you, much appreciated

You don’t see everyday a boy with a tail stepping in a train, why is no one surprised, neither is there some reaction anywhere?

Concerning the title “Exwire”:
I think the term should refer to the word squire or
The term has evolved in its uses, referring in the Middle Ages to a trainee knight, after that to the leader of an English village…
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squire

Thank you!

Neko? Is that really you Neko? The cat I had was called Neko? :(


can you guys please STOP with the friggin’ “yer”‘s

I get it, Shura talks with an OUTRAGEOUS dialect… what is it? Osaka? Kyoto?

the “yer”s just don’t work, mates!

you make her sound like a sad straight-to-video pirate imitation.

try using “ye” in place of “you” which would be an example of old english usage, and leave “your” as “your”…

you will get the same effect without making the dialogue unbearable to read.

that being said, good manga and good on ye for doing it!


How about we skull fuck you instead ack…

<——– What he said o_O . . . and ack this discussion took place on the forums a while ago (came to a close also)

Anywhose chomio only people who can see demons can see Rin's tail and everyone on that train carriage is an exorcist anyways so they know the situation 😛



Thank you so much for the release! I’m so happy the next chapter is out! >v< Keep up the great work!

Thank you for uploading this :)
mmmh, muffins…

I love you all! Thanks for the release. This series is really cute! x3 keep up the good work! <3<3<3!!

Ack, get over it. If you hate it that much, take the problem up with a manga-ka and tell Kazue-san to change her character. Shura isn’t using “old” Japanese to talk, so using Old English wouldn’t help. -_-

Now I’m going back to Rehab for mah muffin-addiction. :3

Muffin!? *drool*

You said it muffins! and enjoy muffins rehab, if it’s close to pop-tarts rehab then maybe i’ll run inta ya XD

Thanks!!! It made a sweet morning :)

Thanks! 8D