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Heres Ch 83

Download Bm 83

16 Responses to “Bloody Monday 83”

Omg! This release is so much earlier than usual! love you guys =]


It’s nice that you guys are able to maintain prolific high quality releases. Thanks.

Thanks for the love! 0_-

Yeah, this release caught me by surprise as well. Keep up the good work guys!! Thanks again.

just to be sure is there gonna be another BM chapter today, if not i can relax and go out. lol

our translator was quick today, wont be another one out till tomorrow though

thank god, 2 in a day is to much excitement lol, jk, i just want to go out, with out worrying about anything.

I love you guys!!!

so quick!
thank you 😀

thanks guys!!! wow! reading new chapters all at once sure beats having to bite my nails until the next one is released! LOL

Thnx for the new chapter.


thanks for the release! keep up the great work you guys!! =D

omg everyday i get that wonderful feeling that i KNOW a new chap of BM will be out ^^ yayyyyyyy and thank you for the very quick download! ><

You have just gotten yourself a new fan :D,

Keep up the fast release of this wonderful manga! I haven’t felt this kind of rush since Code geass on anime :>