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Here’s Ch 88

Download BM 88

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Heres is ch 88 Thx

Download Thx

Thanks for another speedy release

Thanks for the love! x_X

Thanks for this chapter. 😀

Thanks for the release – and again to the staff that worked hard on this ^^

Thnx for the new chapter.
Hmm.. This manga didn’t seem like it would use the same exact trick twice.. Something must be up..

I luv U JAC Muach….:D

i agree with you ikuyok! something does seem off

thanks for the chapter guys!

My Heroes!!

You guys are great~ Bloody Monday is awesome :)

Are you going to be scanlating the sequel to Bloody Monday (Bloody Monday Season 2) when the volume comes out? And will you scanlate Bloody Monday Version 0? (It was the prequel to the first Bloody Monday series)

I really, really like your scans~ Great job, and I look forward to the rest of what’s left of Bloody Monday!! :)

Oh there is so much BM out there?
Well, if there really is, I’ld love to read them all XDD

Hope the next chapter will come out soon!! 8D
<3 JAC!

Megane, it was mentioned before that they will pick up season 2 but we can not expect to get daily updates as they will be scanlating as each chapter comes out