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Heres Chapter 92…..

Download BM 92

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Holy sexiness! Are you serious? Two releases within 5 hours!! I love you guys =]

WHOA! so soon?? you guys are giving me a heart attack! thanks guys!!!



i came in my pants
that was so fast

woow, two thumbs up for you guys and thanks a lot

Bloody Thank, but dam that is so early lol, i was about to sleep but refreshed the page one more time and walla


no more please till i wake up. 8 hours from now lol

lol. Man…I love reading your comments guys. You’re all very welcome.

Our translator advised that he may not be able to do a chapter tomorrow (erm…later) so we got 92 early. ^^

O wow that’s fast. Ty.

WOW thanks guys, i been chasing bloody monday for the last 3 months lolz and really thanks to ur group for releasing once per day – thanks!

Damn you guys are seriously awesome. I’ve been enjoying the one chapter per day releases and I really do appreciate your efforts… You guys rock!

Now this is some serious dedication!! You guys will always be No.1!!

i have been reading this manga and i have downloaded all the chapters plus u guys will be the best and will go down in history thanks alot

I hope you guys can get another release out tonight! I’m so happy Fujimaru now know who K is and hopefully he put the bug back into the bomb

many many many thanks for this wonderful release. :)

So.. no 93 for today? Oh well..
Thanks a bunch for the series!

92 is todays release. 93 will be tomorrow

How are you guys SO QUICK?! It just baffles me! Keep up the amazing work!

so, will bloody monday end on a monday?

haha…. lemme think, nope probably on wednesday

4 chapters to go, assuming all goes well, that’d be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and final chapter on Wednesday.

Would you like us to delay the release of the final chapter until next week Monday? *evil grin*

Vol 0 is a possibility for us to do.

waaah!! don’t do that ivory .. we’ll all die in anticipation .. 😉

thanks a lot for the release :)

If you delay till Monday..
I think it might we might be bloodied already before that Monday..

thanks for the chapter. You guys work so bloody hard compared to other groups.

Thnx for the new chapter.
I think it’d be cool to delay till Monday. Or atleast speed up to end it on Monday. But either way I’m fine with it. I mean, I really like the series but it would seem cool for the manga to end on monday.

That’d be really cool, though, for you to finish the series tomorrow. You definitely could. Onegai, do it for your fans?

lol @ Chris. 5 chapters by tomorrow? I’ll look out for the flying pig first. 😛

Our speed has a lot to do with our translator, and as awesome as he is (I don’t know any other with his speed), we won’t get the last 5 chapters by tomorrow. Mr. Death, Mikessc88…I think we may have spoilt them. Haha. 😀

We could do it, if we had the trans

Thanks for all your hard work! 4 to go..YEAH >w<!

you guys are real awesome!
thanks 😀

4 chapters~ 4 chapters~

Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your jacgroup.zetsuboushita.net.