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The Time is upon us. Time for us to look back on all the fun we had, yes it may be over, but… with every end brings a new begining… a new hope. Fear not BM faithful, for JAC knows what you want, Starting Mid october JACGROUP will be doing Bloody Monday Season 2, and also coming soon Bloody Monday Vol 0.

Rejoice for our journey is not over. As for now I present you with the final chapter in Bloody Monday Season 1. I’d like to take this time to thank the staff members who made this all possible. Thanks to our newest member Sp0t who has been checking over our releases for errors, due to the apparent errors we had early on. She has helped make sure our releases are the best they can be. I’d also like to thank Mister_Death, his tireless efforts towards typesetting day after day made this project possible. I’d also like to acknowledge myself for the editing and redraws, go me! And of course thanks to JS06 for his daily translation, they were the lifeforce behind this whole project. Also if you recall early on Queenofmuffins kept this series alive when no one else would touch it. Please give her your thanks.

Thanks to the staff members who helped randomly throughout the series, Arhazivory, Redfuzzy, ninjastik and Kiiragi. And of course thanks to you the
fans especially those who took the time to comment on our hard work. Until next time, -JAC

Download: BM 96

PS. Mister_death says to die

and last BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST is Kusheida our web guy and best friend in the whole world. He saved us when our previous web guy could not longer keep us.

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Wow. I honestly never thought when I picked up this series (long, long ago. XD) that it’d ever get this far. And if Js06 had never agreed to pick it up for me, it probably never would have. So, yeah, everyone- worship Js06 like there’s no tomorrow. He deserves it for all the time and effort he put into this project- translating BM is certainly no easy task. And now, what are you wasting time reading this for? Go download the chapter and enjoy! \o/

thx forever

Yes Thank you!! I pick this series up 2 weeks ago and read it with every free time I had. I finally caught up just now and this is just perfect!! U guys are amazing!!

no mention of the guy footing your web bill and your 92100GB in 10 days though I see

I’m so close to tears. I kind of don’t want to read knowing I’ll have to wait for now on. I’ve been refreshing every 10-15 minutes since 2:45. Just waiting for this chapter.

I’ve been reading this for a very long time and ever since it’s gone into a daily update I’ve been overjoyed. Thank you all so much for working so hard on this.

*deep breath*

Now time for me to finally read…..The last chapter!

Thanks to all the brilliant people listed in the post =]! I would personally type out every person, but it’d be as long as the first post =p.

AAAAH!!! the final chapter of season 1.
Thank you to all the staff members for their wonderful and hard work for bring this awesome series to life! ^^
I am so looking forward to season 2 and volume 0.

Thanks for a great run guys, I beg too good that the main character Fujimaru Takagi is also the main one in season 2, because if not, then I might not be as interested in season 2 unless its Fujimaru Takagi son and he is older.

Thanks a bunch guys.

I can offer no insight towards the plot of season 2, cause I really have no idea

thanks for the hard work guys <3

Congratz, bros. \(°▽°)/

“PS. Mister_death says to die”

I’d say go to hell, but you’re already there. 😀

Mina-san otsukare sama deshita!
Thanks for all your hard work!
*throws confetti*

You’re the most awesome group ever (first ever to do a constant daily release without fail). Absolutely the best.

I’ll be looking forward to your scanlations for season 2 in the next 2-3 weeks.C’ya then!

has season2 even started yet in japan?

I knew his plan (the gist of it) when he was in the control room. Lol @ Maya, and I guess J is just trying to live a life he wants, not that stupid Church. I like him more than I thought I would…

Well even though I didnt enjoy that much bloody monday, I gotta say kudos for doing such great work and finishing up this series in such a short time. Hope you guys keep on with the great work and see ya later.

Thanks for your (insane daily) Bloody Monday releases!

Thanks for the releases. After the first 6 volumes or so BM became horrible and pretty much unreadable with the retarded characters and inane plot. But you guys kept to a tight schedule worked so hard – simply amazing.

Awesome work!! thanks for your all your effort! we really appreciate it ^^

thanks guys

this is amazing… the last chapter. You guys did an amazing job! Thank you so very much for working on this series.. you’re all awesome ^_^

awesome!! thanks so much for all the hard work =) You guys did an amazing job ^^

Woot.. It’s done, yea!!! Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this series, it was greatly appreciated by me and I know tons of others. Thanks for everything ^_^

Great work, guys!
You guys deserves all the praises you get.

Thanks you did a good work with this project again thanks so much from this part of the world (Suramerica)

Thnx for the new, and final, chapter of Bloody Monday. I was reading it way back when the other group(Gievmoar) started this series so it’s good to see an ending. Though I’ve got to say, this ending was a bit unsatisfying for me. Or atleast it would have been if I didn’t know a sequel was going to come out relatively soon. I’ll just consider 2 to be an addition to the first one with just a short time skip:) I can only hope the second one doesn’t have the same feel for the ending.

Anyways… Thnx for everything so far. About 70 chapters in 2 and a half months is pretty cool:) And I look forward to more Bloody Monday when it finally starts to serialized.

Thank you to all of you guys for working on it and spreading the Bloody Monday love! =) Great job and more power to all of ya! *worships* xD

You guys did a brilliant job on the daily releases. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for all your hard work!! We fans cannot thank you enough. 😉

thnQ .. thanks a lot for the release .. you work n effort is really appreciated =]

this series was great! it was amazing that i got to read it every day or so, so BIG THANKS. look forward to your future releases

I’ve been following Bloody Monday ever since way back when it began. I was disappointed that the releases were seemingly suspended at one point. Imagine my surprise when suddenly irregular releases became an influx of daily chapters. You guys really deserve more than a good applause; even though it was a daily release, the quality didn’t drop even for a single chapter and it was consistent. Your commitment is just amazing, considering how difficult it must be to continuously do daily releases and keep up with real life still.

I’m very impressed with your group and will continue to look forward to your releases (already reading Tegami Bachi…awesome work on that too)! :) Thanks a ton!

wow!!! thanks guys! really looking forward to season 2!

ohh… I forgot to ask, are you guys doing volume 0? LOL LOL LOL

really, thanks for all the effort guys!

Haha. Very funny Psyric. 😛

The release notes were very nice Mikessc88. Now that I’ve started reading Bloody Monday (not as patient as the fans), I’ll become a fan and say thank you as well. 😀 JAC RULES! And Mike is so hot that I just wanna rip his shirt off.

I started ready this serie ages ago, and I would like to thank and to congratulate you for all your hard work.

You did an amazing job out of this.

Congrats on the hard work! And thx a lot!!!

I am very very grateful
The ending is good!
Thanks for all the releases
And waiting for the 2nd season!

Thanks for your hard work!
Can’t wait for the second season!

thanks heaps guys. :)

Never would have finished the series without you guys. Good job.

you guys are amazing!! thank you so much for the series!! i’m looking forward to the second season ^__^

Million thanks to the entire team who would tirelessly on this <333 !!!

yes, thanks to you that I was able to complete reading this manga albeit only 1st season, no group had been translated this since ch18 and you crawl through almost 80 chapters in 4 months. Admirable!!! so I thank you for this accomplishment and I look forward to season 2 of this manga to continue with the journey of bloody monday


Thank you thank you thank you – without you there would be no Bloody Monday for fans to release. Not only was the quality amazing, but you guys scanlated so many chapters SO fast. Thanks a bunch!!

thx alot for your hard work!

I’m still amazed that you all managed to do a release a day. You’re all incredible and wonderful and you’ve definitely made me your fan!

You guys really nailed this project on the head! I first noticed this project when I went on Onemanga to check for releases of manga I was reading. At first, I was like, “What? What’s Bloody Monday? And WHY is does it come out EVERYDAY?”

I’m glad I read it xDD I offer FULL ON support for you guys when you scanlate Season 2 and Vol. 0!! I’m SOOO excited!!!!

Otsukaresama deshita~~ <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

thank you for your hard work
now the final chapter!
you guy are real awaesome scan group,,, i have to mention this again 😀
i’ll look forward to BM 0 and season 2 :>

thanks again

You are the best! Daily releases for a series that I thought no scanlation group would touch and you will even do Vol 0 and Season 2…words cannot truly express how grateful i am!

thanks so much for the hard work & fast releases 😀 really look forward to season 2

Cangratz!!! I’ll be patiently waiting your next release! ^_^

Nice ride, thank you.

Didn’t enjoy the manga at all, but it was still nice having something to read daily at work.

Thanks. Can finally read this… heard some good stuff bout it. Bout Vol 0, is it a prequel or something?

Btw will there be any more ddl volume downloads soon?

Good job! Really appreciated the series and your daily updates. Great series although I didn’t get into it right away, once I did I was hooked.

Thank you,

thank you everyone!


thank you for all of your hard work. couldn’t wait for Season 2

Thanks for all your hard work,
I enjoyed it a lot

you guys are just brilliant
thank you guys so much
everyday, after school, the first thing i would do would be to hurry over here to grab the newest chapter of BM. The story has been with me for almost over two months.
again, thank you.

Nice work guys – can’t wait for next season!! ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

Until then – all the best!!

i didn’t want to spam all your BM sites here so i decided to post with the last release >_>

you guys were awesome :3
thanks for all the hard work you were doing every day
your daily releases were epic~

i was so down when i didn’t find any new releases of it and had to wait so many months till the new ch D;

this manga was great and so were all of you ;D
it was fun to read it everyday and i always had sth to look forward to after a long and (sometimes) stressful day :>

i’m already pretty curious about what happens in season 2 and what the contents of BM Vol.0 are

i’m looking forward to more of BM’s epicness and your hard work which allows us to read it :3

everyone who’ll think of BM will immediately remember you (at least i will D: )
keep it up guys~

…..it got a lil big >_>

it is awesome how you guys were committed enough to release a chapter everyday. good job. though the manga itself is lacking in depth, it was still an enjoyable read and at least i had something to look forward to everyday.

and now you’ve got me wishing for mid october to arrive faster. good job guys!!!

Two thumbs up guys!!!
Keep up the great works!

Thank you very much for bringin’ us this awesome series. :)

OMG noooo ;.; even if its not the end i still cant help feel sad :( but thank you very much for your excellent scanlating quality and speed, all of you guys. omg i cant wait for the sequel O.O

Tank u very much for this awesome manga…
and for all great work !!!

Thank you very much for all the hard work.
It’s really unbelivable that you managed to do one chapter per day for such a long time! Wonderful work.
Thank you again.

The series is an excellent read. Thank you for scanlating it, though I’m afraid you’ve spoiled me by bringing it out so quickly.

thx for the hard work
you guys are really amazing!!
looking forward to the section 2

Congrats on completing the season! Wow, that’s some dedication you don’t see too often anymore :)
Quick, quality releases on a daily basis.

Thanks for all the hard work.

many many many many many thanks to you guys.

Thanks a lot guys =)

THANK YOU so much for all the work you’ve put into this series. you guys are so amazing. see you next season!

hey guys! just trolling… 😀

I didn’t even think you did all the scanlations daily or at least i couldn’t or didn’t wanna believe i thought you guys had them put down before and and jus released a chapter a day but……BIG UPS to di team a one a di baddesst series this respec

you guys are beasts (:
i can’t believe you did at least a chapter a day!
i will wait patiently for season two
thank you (:

Thanks for all the hard work. It’s a great series and you’ve done a bang up job.

lol @ Ro. One of the main reasons is because this guy (our translator) is not human: http://mangahelpers.com/t/js06

Then again Mike and Mister Death are probably monsters too which is why they could keep up with him. 😛

Thanks for scanlating this manga 😀

wOOt! Thanks everyone for all the hard work

Wow, this is so awesome. I really, really appreciate your work. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed you started doing it, and to actually do it on a daily basis, _that_ is amazing. Thanks!


Awesome work on the translation. Thanks!

Hello there Mikessc88! First of all: Thanks for this manga!

Well, actually i’m for a brazilian scanlator that uses your scans to translate. So, i’m very grateful for JAC. ^^

But, i came here to ask this: In the Cap 31 of yours, is there missing some pages? Well, i noticed that are missing the pages 156 and 168. Can you re-post the revised cap 31 (if it need it, of course) ^^

Well, thank you anyway! o/

Ooh!I found the revised cap in the right post… Sorry… ^^’

Reborn, those were probably pages that didnt go to the story…

I have to say, this is by far one of the best I’ve ever read. I truly enjoyed this series. I thank you for allowing me to enjoy this manga free of charge, and for submitting a new chapter every day. I can’t wait for season two!

Oh, Mister Death, actually they go the story… xD

Thanks anyway! (Already found them! ^^v)

Season 2 in October, right? =)

I tried to post the day the final chapter of BM came out but for some reason, my internet connection was agonizingly slow so here i am once again tehehe… DEEP BREATH….


Dude, seriously that’s just so…. wrong man

Looking forward for season two of BM

thanks for the comment hyery

All I can say, is Sexcellent work guys. I started reading this when there was 19 chapters out (Just when you guys started I think actually and loved every second of it. KICK MORE ASS AND GO!

Hi Team,

This manga is one decent, reality, action, and addictive manga ever, the idea and the story plot is so amazing that I cannot even guess what the next chapter would be. and this is the very first thing i open when I get to work, it was just sad to see it ended, and i’ve been looking for manga with similar plot, reality based and not those with magics, robots etc since its all been the same with other mangas but i failed, until I was able to go to this website, good thing though since I can now ask you this question… can you suggest other manga title with similar plot, reality based? or do you have part 2 of bloody monday?

Hey BFL, personally I’d suggest Monster. Super awesome, and if you’ve never read Death Note…go read it.

BM 2 will be released in Japan on Oct 14th, so you can look for a scanlation shortly thereafter, assuming there are no delays. XD

when is bloody monday 2 going to come out?…i saw on mangahelpers that js06 already tranlated it….

It’s translated yes, but the raws are unusable. We’re in the process of getting good raws. Patience Sura-san.

sorry im just so excited!!!! but i can wait :)

Бесподобный топик, мне очень нравится ))))