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Well people here is the 34th Chapter of Tegami Bachi…

Special thanks to Niphredil for finishing the trans before have to take a break, wish her luck in what she has to do….

Also to sai for the raws….

Also please remember not to upload to sites that require a premuim account to view or download… Those sites are scams and are just trying to make money of misinformed reader… If ya want a good free Online reader Site I recommend Manga Toshokan…. Their will also be a link to Chapter 34 for MT reader….

Download TB 34

Online Reader 1

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thanx, guys. I love this manga

Thanks very much :)
Wonderful chapter this month! What a great surprise.

thanks a lot for the chapter…

i love you guyssssssssss n.n

Ah, I’ve waited so long for taht chapter…IT’S FINALLY THERE!!!! *tackleglompz* THANK YOU SO MUCH~

Again a lovely chapter … this is one great manga

thcx for the scanlation!

once again, awesome~ you guys always have great translations~ thanks!

hey thanks for tranlating this manga. i really enjoy this series~ cant wait for the next release~

Thanks for the release

This series is so great *___*
Currently taking the volume DLs 8DD

Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

Thanks very much again for scanlating!

I have seen Tegami Bach anime, it is so great
Thanks for yours work hard

Thanks for all your hard work!